The Administrative Law is the branch of Public Law that content the legal regime of the Activity of the Public Administration, as well as the regulation of the relationships between this and the Citizens in their conditions Users of Public Service or collaborators of administration for the all the same benefits.

The Administrative Law is an autonomous branch of Law, which makes them applicable Conflicts that resolute the Right Specialized Courts, as are those who make up the order judicial administrative litigation.

LOAB Lawyers is highly specialized Areas Right in the Urbanism, Healthcare, Immigration, Data protection personal, New Technologies and Public jobs.

Our services in this area include:

  •    – Administrative Procedure and contentious – administrative.
  •    – Responsibility assets of the Public Administration.
  •    – Procedure sanctions.
  •    – Licensees and authorization.
  •    – Public Contracting.
  •    – Administrative Concessions.
  •    – Expropriations.
  •    – Consulting to the Public Administration (companies and privates).