The private civil law is the branch of law that regulates the field of private relations of people in the field of activity or personal actions.

LOAB Lawyers are specializing in the areas of Real Estate Law and Registration Rights of Consumers and Users (abusive mortgages, damages Volkswagen …) and property management.

Our services in this area include:

  • Judicial and extrajudicial solutions to conflicts: contractual resolutions, quantity claims, lawsuits, evictions, joint ownership and division of the common thing, foreclosures, procedures and records on registration of property, contract and tort. Claims for construction defects (bad qualities, cracks, Breach of useful meters).
  • Procurement purchases and leases: Writing options and commitments, private body and deposit contracts, purchases, swaps, options and other legal businesses. Contracts for work and services. Outsourcing the work. Guarantees and insurance of construction. Scriptures assistance firm, Lease, termination of contracts, evictions.
  • Design real estate transaction: Study of urban and legal feasibility of the property, study of real rights, liens and encumbrances, segregation and grouping of farms, project tax planning, analysis of the legal form of the investment, preparation of Operations civil and commercial Acquisition.
  • Statements new work and horizontal division.
  • Social Housing.
  • Mortgage and registration law.
  • Constitution and administration of a condominium.