Public sector consulting

Specialists in Administrative, Immobiliary and Urban Law

At LOAB Lawyers we are consultants for the Public Sector. LOAB Abogados offers consulting services including in consulting projects, whether they are promoted by the public sector or if they arise from the private sector in collaboration with the public sector, by highly qualified professionals from the public sector, in the areas of Contracting and Organization of Public Administrations and related sectors, providing solutions to complex problems and intervening as a piece that mainly complements the Internal Control Bodies, Legal Advice and Contracting of public entities, collaborating in the improvement of the design of their public policy and in their management .

The public sector is extremely complex and knowing it in depth requires experience and ocation.

Some of the professional services that LOAB Lawyers provides are:

  • Public procurement audits.
  • Advice on permanent public procurement.
  • Permanent financial advice.
  • Study and analysis of the economic situation.
  • Preparation of financial economic reports.
  • Preparation of general accounts.
  • Economic feasibility studies.
  • Study of internal control measures.
  • Budget projection studies.
  • Budget settlement.
  • Economic-financial consulting.
  • Economic-financial planning.
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