Private Law – Real Estate Law

Specialists in Administrative, Immobiliary and Urban Law

Private law is the branch of law that regulates the field of private relationships of people in the field of their activity or personal actions.

LOAB Abogados is highly specialized in the Areas of Real Estate and Registry Law, Consumer Rights and property management.

Our services in this area include:

  • Solutions to extrajudicial and judicial conflicts: Contractual resolutions, claims of quantity, disputes over property and possession, Procedures on horizontal property, evictions, communities of property and division of common property, foreclosures, procedures and files on the property registry, Contractual and extra-contractual liability. Claims for Construction Defects.
  • Contracting: Sales and leases, Drafting options and sales commitments, Private contracts and earnest money, swaps, purchase options and other legal businesses. Work contracts and provision of services. Subcontracting of the work. Construction guarantees and insurance, assistance in signing deeds.
  • Design of the real estate operation: Study of the urban and legal viability of the property, study of real rights, Charges and encumbrances, Segregation and grouping of properties, project tax planning, Analysis of the legal form of the Investment, preparation of Civil Operations and mercantile Acquisition.
  • Declarations of new construction and horizontal division.
  • Officially protected housing.
  • Mortgage law. Banking. Unfair terms.
  • Second Chance Law.
  • Tourist rental.
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