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Specialists in Administrative, Immobiliary and Urban Law

We offer a comprehensive and continuous legal service of legal advice and defense to individuals, entities and companies, in the specialties of Private Law – Real Estate, Urban Planning and in Public Law – Administrative, intervening in any conflict and promoting out-of-court solutions and / or judicial, guaranteeing maximum legal security to its clients.

The accumulated experience and collaboration with different professionals specialized in public management, allows us to intervene in projects of Public Sector consulting, providing solutions to management problems, public contracting, business administration and entities,
providing them with timely, clear and sufficient information to know their situation and providing them with advisory tools in hiring public and in the economic, financial and accounting areas of the Public Administration.

Our clients are: Individuals, Owners, Tenants, Builders and Developers, Tenant and property rehabilitation companies, Entrepreneurs, Town Halls and other Public Administrations, Real Estate Consultants, Communities of owners, Hotels, Shopping centers, Architects, Heritage Companies and Investors, Consumers and users.

Architects and economists collaborate with us, which allows us to face any type of operation.

Miguel López Abellan

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